Tis The Season…


Christmas Lights

What is it about Christmas that brings about renewed feelings of  hope and magic? As I stare at twinkling Christmas lights strung up on trees and houses, I’m left with an enchanted feeling that I cannot shake. Something about the lights fill me with peace, and I often tell myself that I should leave my lights up all year long.  

Sometimes, as we journey through our lives, the days can feel more like the night. We experience tragedies, heartbreaks, letdowns, failures (to name a few) and at times it seems like we are walking through a never ending darkness. In this world there are so many sad things that pull our spirits into the shadows. Finding the wonder and excitement this life offers can seem almost impossible at times.

However, even in the worst of times there is hope. Perhaps that hope is just a bit more like that of the  twinkling  Christmas lights. A little glimmer of light may not seem like much, but it always lights up the night in the most beautiful way. Houses are illuminated with strands of lights each year. The darker the night, the brighter they shine. 

Honestly, I’m beginning to think that I am like the house standing in the dark night, and that all of those twinkling lights are my little moments of joy. Strung together, those tiny moments cut through the darkness and light up my world. These moments could be anything really.  Sometimes they’re a cup of my  favorite coffee on my way to work, or watching my favorite tv show at night. More so, it’s my daughter snuggling up with me as she tells me she loves me, or my husband holding my hand in the mall. Talking with a good friend, breathing in the fresh air, cuddling my little puppy, helping someone in need… All of these little treasures are my twinkling lights throughout the year. They remind me that there is light in the darkness. The catch is that I have to choose to see these sweet moments. Unlike the Christmas lights strung up on my house, that automatically turn on at 5:30, I have to focus on the good things in order for my dark days to illuminated. Perhaps this is the magic of life. A magic that consists of tiny moments breaking through the darkness of the world.

As we enjoy the Christmas festivities, and the twinkling lights that come with them, let us remember that there is hope throughout the year. Our little strands of light can brighten the darkest night. A cup of coffee, a kiss good night, a warm hello, a little baby born in a manger … sometimes our brightest days are lit merely by the smallest twinkling lights.

– Christie Coyle

Fake Sunglasses are Bad for Your Soul.

Tommy Preson Phillips


There has been much written and learned in the last decade about “wholeness”. The movement towards “whole” foods is gaining ground so quickly that the fast food industry, as well as companies like Monsanto that genetically modify natures seeds, are beginning to suffer. People are beginning to believe that things should be “one”. One thing. A seed should be seed, naturally and without modification. Meat should be meat, not a mixture of things that look like meat.

When something that we take into our body is “one” thing, studies have found that our body can use all of it, and not just some of it. Our bodies are able to heal faster, to repair damage that has been present for years, even decades. We also know that when something is “whole” we are not being deceived. We know what it is. We know that someone is not trying to…

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A New Perspective!

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